Ultrasonic welding of plastic boxes

08.02.2013, 12:27 , spower-prod | Comments: 0 | Total views: 2726

One of the other applications of ultrasonic welding for plastic components with pneumatic pressure type UWP500 is its deployment to the production process at closing of plastic boxes for electrometer. A multinational company uses the welder in eastern Slovakia.


Welding of plastic toners cartridges after repassing with ultrasound

08.02.2013, 13:56 , spower-prod | Comments: 0 | Total views: 4302

One of elegant way to recycle of products is repassing. For repassing of plastic products (battery packs, toners), there is a problem after they are opened and filled.
For the purpose of welding plastic parts we introduced on the market ultrasonic welding machine with pneumatic pressure type UWP.


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