Electronic ignitors

Electronic ignitors EZ


  • For discharge lamps up to 400 W
  • Built-in timer
  • Compact dimensions
  • Connection via clamp unit


Electronic ignitors are used to start high-pressure sodium and metal-halide discharge lamps. The timer ensures that starting impulses are not generated after a specified period of time given by EZ type. This functions helps to identify discharge lamps at the end of their operational life. Worn discharge lamp goes out after heating up. Conventional ignitors repeatedly start these lamps which leads to flickering of the lamp. This makes it more difficult to identify the faulty discharge lamp. Our electronic ignitors start the lamps only for a brief period of time. If the lamp goes out after this time, it will not be started again and therefore can be easily identified.



Table 1: Technical data


Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Operating temperature of the cover TC od -25 °C do +90 °C
Dimensions 43 × 97 mm
Weight 165 g
Mounting Screw M8



Leaflet EZ
Declaration of conformity

Table 2: Models of electronic ignitor EZ


of impulses
Max. current Min. ignition
EZ70T3B do 70 W 3 min. 1,6 A 1,8 kV
EZ400T3B 100 W až 400 W 3 min. 4,6 A 2,8 kV
EZ400T10B 100 W až 400 W do 400 W 10 min. 4,6 A 2,8 kV

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