Ultrasonic generators UP03

  • Up to 1000 W
  • Power regulation from 30 % to 100 %
  • Indication of power output
  • Constant power output independent from load
  • SWEEP function
  • Remote control via RS485

Ultrasonic generator is the heart of ultrasonic device. The generator must be designed to allow, together with a membrane, spreading of enough energy in entire liquid volume. Therefore among basic features belong:

  • stability of ultrasonic power (none of the following must have any effect on power output: object is inserted into liquid, temperature, input power fluctuation, viscosity of the liquid, water level, etc.)
  • SWEEP function – it is an ability to oscillate around given frequency, for example when the generator is 40 kHz the actual frequency changes from 39 to 41 kHz and back; this allows beter spreading of ultrasonic power in cleaning liquid
  • option to choose a generator with the most suitable frequency for given application (in general larger objects are cleaned with lower frequency, tiny object with higher frequency)
  • DEGAS function – degasing of cleaning liquid (increases effectivity of cleaning)

Panel with connectors on UP03 generator


Our ultrasonic products are equipped with ultrasonic generator of our own design, which contains every necessary function mentioned above. Ultrasonic generators UP03 are designed together with membranes for construction of ultrasonic cleaners. These generators are supplied in two power versions:


  • 500W
  • up to 1000W

Standard frequencies are from 25 kHz to 50 kHz. Generators can be a part of cleaning tank or can be placed in a distributor box. To achieve required power, it is possible to install more generators and membranes in one cleaning tank.

The quality of our generators was awarded by third place in "Electrotechnical product of the year" competition on ELO SYS 2005 trade fair (PDF) and by Grand Prix prize on Industry Expo 2007 trade fair (PDF).

Front panel of UP03 generator


Table 1: Technical data


  500 W 1000 W
Ultrasonic power (effective) 500 W 1000 W
Input voltage 230 V -15 % + 10 % / 50 Hz
Standard operating frequency 25, 35, 40, 45, 50 Hz
Other operating frequencies after the discussion with manufacturer
Output power stability 2 %
SWEEP intensity setting from 10 Hz to 250 Hz (set by manufacturer)
SWEEP bandwidth setting od 0 Hz do 1,5 kHz (set by manufacturer)
Power regulation range continuous mode from 60 % to 100 %
period skipping from 30 % to 60 %
Protection against short-circuit on load yes
Overheat protection yes
Automatic shut-down of the generator
after the load is disconnected
Automatic restart on error yes
Operating temperature from 0 °C to 40 °C
Dimensions 350 × 155 × 85 mm 390 × 155 × 85 mm
Weight 3,30 kg 4,25 kg
Protection IP20
Indication of output power LED bargraf
Indication of output power deviation
beyond set tolerance
Overheat indicator LED
Error indicator flashing LED




Leaflet UP03
Declaration of conformity
ELO SYS 2005 award
Industry Expo 2007 award
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