Ultrasonic hand-operated cleaner UCH

  • Local cleaning
  • Minimum consumption of cleaning liquid
  • High efficiency of cleaning
  • Easy operation
  • High covering of electric parts (IP 67)




Ultrasonic cleaning system UCH (referred to thereinafter as a cleaner) is intended for cleaning of objects in near ultrasonic field with high deviation. This kind of cleaning is characterized with high cleaning efficiency and low cleaning liquid consumption. It is mostly sufficient to cover the surface to be cleaned with small amount of cleaning liquid or just to sprinkle it with it.


Because of these properties this cleaner is suitable for cleaning seriography templates or templates used to apply soldering paste or glue on printed circuit boards.


The cleaning set UCH consists of hand-operated ultrasonic cleaner RCN1 and ultrasonic generator UG1000.01/40.


Warning: The cleaner is not intended for any contact with living organisms or objects, which can be damaged as a result of intense ultrasonic field. Do not use flammable and aggressive to aluminium liquids as cleaning mediums.


This cleaning set was awarded with the Grand Prix prize on Industry Expo 2008 trade fair in Bratislava, Slovakia (PDF).


Table 1: Technical data of hand-operated unit RCN1


Operating frequency 40 kHz ± 200 Hz
Transducer power max. 250 W
Ultrasonic transducer UTB500.40/03
Basic dimensions of the transducer d60 × 77 mm
Covering of cleaning tool IP 67
Weight of cleaning tool cca 1,5 kg
Dimensions 230 × 200 × 90 mm

Table 2: Technical data of generator UG1000.01/40


Input voltage 230 V ± 10 % / 50 Hz
Operating frequency 40 kHz ± 200 Hz
Protection IP 20
Max. input power 500 VA
Operating temperature 10 °C až 45 °C
Dimensions 400 × 280 × 90 mm
Weight 6 kg
Device is designed
in compliance with
STN EN 60204-1, STN EN 61000-6-2,
STN EN 61000-6-3




Leaflet UCH
Declaration of conformity
Industry Expo 2008 award
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