Ultrasonic UCI cleaners

  • Cleaning in III. class of flammable liquids
  • Active cooling of cleaning liquid
  • Multi-level safety system
  • Double water temperature sensor
  • Sturdy construction
  • Professional use



On the present cleaning with ultrasound is on rise in various branches of industry. Main reason is especially high efficiency of cleaning, thriftiness to cleaned object, reproducibility of results and independence of final effect from operating personnel. These advantages of ultrasonic cleaning are possible to enhance more by choosing proper cleaning liquid.


Impossibility to use some cleaning liquids classified as flammable liquids III. class in majority of common ultrasonic cleaners is often the cause, why all of the advantages of such cleaning cannot be utilized at full potential.


Utilization of cleaning properties of flammable liquids with flash point over 55 °C combined with the effects of ultrasonic technology allows the new series of industrial ultrasonic cleaners UCI:


  • Software and hardware protection against dangerous increase of temperature of cleaning liquid
  • Cleaner is automatically turned off when the cleaning liquid temperature rises to value 15 °C below corresponding flash point
  • All functions of cleaner and ultrasonic generator are controlled by a microprocessor
  • Active cooling of cleaning medium with cooling water flow
  • Cleaners are manufactured in compliance with standards EN 60204-1, EN 12921-1, EN 12921-3, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61010-1


The cleaners also have the DEGAS function to remove gasses from cleaning liquid and SWEEP function to achieve equal cleaning effect in the whole volume of the cleaner. Controlling and programming is realized through digital control panel.


Table 1: Technical data ultrasonic cleaners UCI


Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Max. power of US generator 600 W
Max. power of heating 750 W for cleaners with volume from 6 l to 13 l
1500 W for cleaners with volume over 13 l
Frequency of US generator 36 kHz ± 4 kHz
SWEEP 500 Hz
Protection IP 24
Safety class I
Type of cleaner A2
Maximum level of
sound pressure LAEX.8h
60 dB
Maximum level of
ultrasonic pressure LoEX.8h
98 dB



Leaflet UCI
Declaration of conformity
Certificate #1
Certificate #2


The ultrasonic cleaners UCI for cleaning in flammable liquids are made-to-order in volumes from 6 l to 60 l.

Pictures of ultrasonic cleaners UCI:

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