Welding of plastic toners cartridges after repassing with ultrasound

08.02.2013, 13:56, spower-prod

One of elegant way to recycle of products is repassing. For repassing of plastic products (battery packs, toners), there is a problem after they are opened and filled.
For the purpose of welding plastic parts we introduced on the market ultrasonic welding machine with pneumatic pressure type UWP.

Pneumatic piston travel is 50 mm. Height adjustment of the piston is 180 mm.

Welding cycle consists of the following parts:

     - Move down of the sonotrode without ultrasound. Pneumatic cylinder pressed sonotrode

       to welding part without ultrasound. The duration of this phase is defined by the Dead

       Time variable.

     - Ultrasound welding. Turn on the ultrasound for a specified time with Weld Time


     - Weld cooling. Sonotrode is with pneumatic cylinder still pushed to welded part, but

       without ultrasound. This fixes the weld. The length of the cooling is defined by the Hold

       Time variable.

     - To unstuck the work piece. The pneumatic will begin to lift the sonotrode while

       ultrasound is switched on again. Ultrasound ensures a work piece unstuck from the

       welding tool. A duration „impulse release” is defined by the Release Time variable.

     - Acoustic signalization of the weld end. Ultrasonic generator vocalizes an acoustic

       signal. The length of beep is defined by the Beep Time variable.

     - Return of the sonotrode back to dead center position. Sonotrode returns to the initial

       position. Maximum time for the return of the cylinder to the initial position is defined by

       the Time Return variable.

In addition to these times, you can also adjust the intensity of the ultrasound.

We can to the welder design and produce welding sonotrode according to customer needs. Concrete for the purposes of closing toner cartridges were shipped to the customer welding sonotrode with length of the weld 100 mm.

Two welders work in operation from January 2011.

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