1PS power supplies

  • Up to 150 W
  • Mounting with screws
  • Stabilized output voltage
  • Possibility to connect in parallel (version .xP)
  • Possibility to connect in serial (version .xD)
  • Output voltage range from 5 V to 48 V


These power supplies are intended for general use to feed electric and electronic devices with direct voltage in covered rooms, in environments without risk of explosion. Models in .xP version can be connected in parallel and achieve higher output current. If the customer requires higher output voltage, models in .xD version can be connected in series. Output voltage can be from 5 V to 48 V.


Nominal output voltages and corresponding max. output currents are listed in table below. The power supply is protected against short-circuit on the output. Input is realized via a FLEXO cord or WAGO connector. Power supply can be supplied with FAST ON or WAGO on output connector.

Table 1: Technical data


Input voltage 195 - 255 V AC
Input voltage DC 290 - 357 V DC
Operating temperature 0 to +40 °C
version .xT: -20 až +40 °C
Operating relative humidity of the environment max. 75 %
Efficiency (typical) 83%
Short-circuit protection on the output permanent
Insulation voltage 3000 V AC
Safety class I
Dimensions 237 × 55 × 120 mm
Weight do 1400 g
Electrical safety standards EN 60950-1:2003, EN 60335-2-29,
EN 60335-1+A11
EMC EN 55022-B, EN 61000-3-2:2002,
EN 61000-3-3:2000+A1:2003,
EN 61000-4-2, EN 61000-4-3,
EN 61000-4-4, EN 61000-4-5,
EN 61000-4-6, EN 61000-4-8,
EN 61000-4-11,
EN 61000-6-1:2003,
EN 61000-6-3:2001
Leaflet 1PS
Declaration of conformity
All documents

Table 2: Models of 1PS power supply


  Output Output
Stability Ripple Noise
1PS05V/10A.xx 5 V 10 A 2 % <30 mV <160 mV šš
1PS06V9/10A.xx 6,9 V 10 A 2 % <80 mV <160 mV šš
1PS09V/10A.xx 9 V 10 A 1 % <60 mV <100 mV šš
1PS12V/10A.xx 12 V 10 A 1 % <60 mV <100 mV šš
1PS13V8/10A.xx 13,8 V 10 A 1 % <60 mV <150 mV šš
1PS15V/09A.xx 15 V 9 A 1 % <80 mV <100 mV šš
1PS18V/07A.xx 18 V 7 A 1 % <80 mV <100 mV šš
1PS24V/06A.xx 24 V 6 A 1 % <150 mV <100 mV šš
1PS27V6/05A.xx 27,6 V 5 A 1 % <150 mV <100 mV šš
1PS48V/03A5.xx 48 V 3,5 A 1 % <200 mV <100 mV šš
.xx – this number specifies the sort of additional functions (see below)
Models in .xP version have stability of output voltage 2 %.

Additional functions on power supply (marked with .x):

.2 Input - WAGO
Output - WAGO

Input - WAGO
Output - WAGO

Accumulator disconnector

.4 Input - FLEXO cord
Output - FAST ON
.5 Input - FLEXO cord
Output - WAGO

Input - FLEXO cord
Output - WAGO

Accumulator disconnector

.7 Input - FLEXO cord
Output - banana terminals

Additional versions and functions:


Some basic versions marked by first number after the dot can be enhanced by additional functions and versions. These are marked by second symbol after the dot. Additional versions must be consulted with the manufacturer.


.x2 – signalization of power outage (relay contact)
.x8 – input voltage110 V AC
.x9 – version with higher climatic and mechanical endurance
.xT – operating temperature from -20 °C
.xD – version for serial connection of multiple power supplies
.xP – version for prallel connection of multiple power supplies
.xS – version for back-up lighting in apartment complexes


Note to version .xP: Power supplies in version .xP can be connected in parallel only on the assumption that the minimum power load is at least 20 % of nominal current of every connected power supply. Power supplies in .xP version have 2 % output voltage stability.


There are also special versions of 1PS power supplies. They are marked with letter that come after the first or second symbols and which specify basic and eventually also additional version.


.xxNTK – power supply is designed to charge accumulators in cyclic mode, charging output voltage varies according to the temperature of the accumulator, operating thermal range of the power supplies is -20 °C to +40 °C
.xxSSA – designed to be mounted inside a 19" rack

Description of additional functions:


Accumulator disconnector r Accumulator disconnector servers as protection for accumulator. When a device is powered from accumulator, the accumulator is discharging. As a result the voltage on clamps drops. When the voltage gets down to 10,5 V (or 21 V on a 24 V accumulator) the disconnector will galvanically disconnect the accumulator from power load. This will prevent further discharging. If the disconnection would not happen, the accumulator could discharge to 0 V which could lead to permanent damage.


Parallel connection of the accumulator to the output of power supply:

We can create simplest backup complex 12 V (24 V) with using power supply 13,8 V (27,6 V) and accumulator 12 V (24 V) that we connect in parallel to output of the power supply. This kind of complex is able to supply for a short term higher current also than is maximum current of the stabilized power supply.

Optional accessories:

Mounting kit for 1PS power supplies to a DIN rail.


Mounting rack (19")



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