Ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic membranes, ultrasonic cutting products, ultrasonic cleaning


Ultrasonic compact cleaners - UC10

The basis of UC is ultrasonic convertor, which is attached to the bottom of cleaning tank. Ultrasonic convertor is a source of mechanical and acoustic energy that is transferred to the bottom of the cleaning liquid and it makes an ultrasonic field.

Ultrasonic UCEI cleaners

Cleaning baths UCEI are constructed for professional use. They are characterized by sturdiness and long operational life. They are standardly manufactured with volumes from 40 to 160 liters.

Ultrasonic UCI cleaners

Cleaners UCI are intended for cleaning of objects in flammable liquids. They are equipped with safety functions which prevent creation of fire.

Ultrasonic hand-operated cleaner UCH

UCH device is used for local removing of impurities. It is manufactured as "hand-operated tool".

Ultrasonic cleaning systems

Cleaning systems are designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements from the ground. They are characterized with wide variability.

Ultrasonic generators UP03

Generators UP03 are intended to power ultrasonic membranes. They find their use in custom manufactured cleaners.

Ultrasonic membranes

Ultrasonic membranes are converters of electric energy to ultrasonic energy. Our offer contains two basic versions: flanged and submersible membranes.

Ultrasonic welder UWM300

Ultrasonic technologies are set out because of their benefits in different branch industry of series production, short-run production or research work. It is the same for ultrasonic welding.

Ultrasonic welding system UWP 250

Ultrasonic set for manual welding is designed for direct welding of plastic materials such as plastic foils, non woven textiles, etc. It is possible to use it for joining other materials by suitable plastic rivets.

Ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting is cutting of material where no residual material originates. The slice is clean and cutting tool is not polluted with cutted material.

Ultrasonic cutting system UCS.03

Ultrasonic oscillating system for cutting UCS.03 is intended for simple separation of strips from unvulcanized rubber. 

Other ultrasonic applications

In this groups are other ultrasonic applications such as ultrasonic reactor, which is used in manufacturing of bio-fuels.

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