Ultrasonic cutting system UCS.03

Ultrasonic oscillating system for cutting UCS.03 is intended for simple separation of strips from unvulcanized rubber. The principle of cutting consists in substantial decrease of cutting force by superposing of small axial deviation (approx. 15 µm) with frequency of 30 kHz and movement of cutting tool. The result is a smooth cut without any residual material. Oscillation of cutting tool also ensures its self-cleaning. 


Ultrasonic generator is transforming electric voltage from power network to electric voltage suitable to feed oscillating system in the area 30 kHz ± 200 Hz. Ultrasonic generator is with its internal connection compensating effects of load, temperature, variations in supply voltage, etc. so the piezoceramic oscillating system is constantly fed with optimal operating frequency. 


Technical parameters of generator UZG10

Supply voltage 230 V ±10% /50 Hz
Operating frequency 30 kHz ± 200 Hz
Cover IP 20
Max. input 1000 VA
Control voltage 24 V
Operating temperature of the generator 10°C to 45°C
Dimensions (l x w x h) 290 x 145 x 100 mm
Weight 3 kg

Device is constructed in complience with standard STN EN 60204-1


Set-up of transducer UT500.30.01 and ultrasonic tool UH30.03.T


Technical parameters of transducer UT500.30.01

Operating frequency 30 kHz
Generator power max 500 W
Cover IP 24
Weight 2 kg


Ultrasonic device UCS.03 allows communication with the master system through the communication connector, located on the back of the generator.

Ultrasonic device is controlled by two two-state signals : OFF (RESET) and START. In the same time system generating two-state signals READY (ALARM) and RUN tht signalize the status of UCS.03. 

Meaning of signals

X H US turned of
L L Stand-by
H L US turned on - generator is delivering
the power



Meaning of status signals

L L X H Turned off,
generator is uninitialized
L H L H Turned off,
generator is uninitialized
X L L H--L Initialization (max 4 sec)
L H L L Stand-by
L H H L Soft start
H H H L Turning the ultrasonic generator on
X H--L X L Generator failure

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