Ultrasonic UCEI cleaners

  • Designed for industrial use
  • Welded tank from 2 mm AISI 316Ti
  • SWEEP function
  • DEGAS function (degasing of liquid)
  • Thermostat
  • Water overflow reservoir
  • Water level sensor


UCEI cleaners are intended for more demanding industrial applications thank to their sturdy construction. Tanks are welded from stainless steel metal sheets with 2 mm thickness, membranes are from stainless steel plates with 3 mm thickness, which ensures long life of the cleaner. Thanks to built-in generator UP03 the cleaner is characterized by high stability of output power not dependent on the load. They are manufactured in volumes 40, 80, 120 and 160 liters. The cleaners are also equipped with overflow reservoir which prevents the cleaning liquid to overflow the cleaner when an object is inserted. Built-in water level sensor prevents to run the ultrasound and heating when there is not enough cleaning liquid in the cleaner. Control panel is digital. Large START and STOP buttons ease the operation of the cleaner in protective tools (gloves).


Table 1: Technical data


Finish all-stainless steel
Tank metal plate thickness 2 mm
Membrane metal plate thickness 3 mm
Protection water-level sensor to protect heating
elements and US transducers
Intake valve 3/4"
Drain valve 3/4"
Overflow valve 1/2"
Lid áno
Control digital control panel




Leaflet UCEI
Declaration of conformity

Table with standardly manufactured models of UCEI cleaners:


  Volume Dimensions
w ×l×h
UCEI40 40 l 600 W 2000 W 240 × 548 × 404 mm 304 mm
UCEI80 80 l 1200 W 4000 W 400 × 660 × 404 mm 304 mm
UCEI120 120 l 1800 W 6000 W 450 × 680 × 504 mm 404 mm
UCEI160 160 l 2400 W 6000 W 450 × 880 × 504 mm 404 mm


Pictures of ultrasonic cleaners UCEI:

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