Ultrasonic welder UWM300

Ultrasonic technologies are set out because of their benefits in different branch industry of series production, short-run production or research work. It is the same for ultrasonic welding. 

Specific merits of the plastic welding of , non-woven textiles, artificial leather etc. are:

  • care of environment - plastic jointing without sizing materials or chemicals
  • small power spending - ultrasonic machine is not heating during welding
  • cleanness, work without mechanical or chemical rubbish
  • high level of repeatability and the same quality of weld
  • short time of his own welding process
  • small severity of space and small weight of the technological machine 



Ultrasonic set for manual welding (further on only “welding set”) is designed for direct welding of plastic materials such as  plastic foils, non woven textiles, etc. It is possible to use it for joining other materials by suitable plastic rivets. 


Welding parameters could be set with buttons in front of

  • Ultrasonic intensity “Intensity” - determines the intensity of ulrasound as a percentage
  • Welding time “WeldTime” - determines time of cooling weld
  • Hold time “HoldTime” - determines time of cooling weld 

Timer activation, notice “Timer”
Buzzer activation, notice on display “Beep”


The data displayed on the display:

READY - the welder is ready for welding
Run - welding with ultrasonic power
HOLD - warning, the display shows number of warning
Err - error

The second line shows operating parameters:

 int1 - ultrasonic intensity in %
 T1 - welding time in seconds
 Th - cooling time in seconds
 F1 - operating frequency in Hz
 Tg - generator heat in °C


Technical parameters


welder generator


welding timer   regulation of
ultrasonic power 
UWM300 UZG10 35 kHz (30, 40 kHz) 0,5 to 4,5 sec   45 to 100 % plastic



Transducer UT300


Nominal frequency 35 kHz (30, 40 kHz)
Allowance of ultrasonic frequency ± 500 Hz
Power of transducer max 300 W
Cover of transducer IP 20



Generator UZG10


Supply voltage 230 V ±10% /50 Hz
Nominal frequency 35 kHz (30, 40 kHz)
Allowance of ultrasonic frequency ± 500 Hz
Cover IP 20
Max. input 300 VA
Operating temperature  10°C to 45°C

Ultrasonic welding tools could be delivered with various design (area of joint, design of joint).



Welding outfit UWM300


Production and development :

- ultrasonic compact cleaners
- ultrasonic industrial cleaners
- ultrasonic cleaning technologies
- ultrasonic generators for cleaners
- membrane and immersion ultrasonic emitters
- bar type ultrasonic emitters
- rinsed tanks
- ultrasonic welders
- ultrasonic generators for welding
- ultrasonic transducers for welding
- welding sonotrodes
- ultrasonic cutting systems
- ultrasonic generators for cutting systems
- ultrasonic transducers for cutting systems
- guillotine and blade cutting sonotrodes
- ultrasonic cleaning of items                                    


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