Ultrasonic membranes

  • For industrial use
  • Submersible or flanged version
  • Long life
  • Membrane metal sheed thickness 3 mm
  • Manufactured from AISI 316Ti
  • Customer can choose dimensions
We offer ultrasonic membranes in two basic versions:
  • flanged
  • submersible

Flanged membranes are mounted on the bottom and walls of cleaners. Dimensions and mounting screws are supplied according to customer's requirements. Silicone sealing is also a part of delivery.


Submersible membranes are inserted into cleaners. They find their use mainly when it is necessary to clean the tank itself or on occasional cleaning of larger objects.


All membranes are made from stainless steel.


These membranes are also suitable for manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners. We can supply a matched set consisting of a generator and a membrane to use in their ultrasonic cleaners.

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