Ultrasonic cleaning systems

  • Solution according to customer's requirements
  • Complex realization from the draft to manufacturing
  • Individual approach to the task
  • Modern construction procedures


In more demanding manufacturing processes, especially in term of cleaning capacity, it is more convenient to use complete cleaning systems that can contain as necessary:


  • tank to remove largest particles of dirt (according to requirements it can be ultrasonic or whirling)
  • tank to intensively remove the impurities with ultrasonic energy
  • tank to wash the surface of cleaned objects with water (can also be ultrasonic)
  • tank to preserve the surface of cleaned objects (from rusting, etc.)
  • hot air drying tank

In general, tanks designed for cleaning in large cleaning systems are equipped with:


  • overflow container (to prevent the cleaning liquid leak out of cleaner once an object is inserted)
  • mechanism to move the basket inside the cleaning liquid
  • heating of cleaning liquid with thermostat adjustment
  • water level sensor
  • pump
  • valves
  • filter to catch mechanical dirt particles
  • belt gummer to remove mainly oil impurities from the cleaning liquid


Aforementioned tanks can be mounted in automatic feeding system, which will take the basket at the beginning and moves it through individual tanks gradually. The last step will be taking of clean and dry from the last tank and putting it on a specific place.


Some of our custom cleaning systems:


Cleaning line with ultrasonic and rinsing tanks

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